Sheena's Yoga Story

My Yoga journey began in front of a laptop, trying to heal a physical injury. It took a few months of gaining the confidence to get into a Yoga studio. I received gentle guidance from incredible teachers, the stillness of the practice showed me how to heal parts of myself I didn't know needed it. My transformation from anxious and in physical pain, to calm and confident inspired me to help others get to their own inner tranquillity. 


Teaching beginners Yoga- including people who've never enjoyed movement or sports before- is what I'm passionate about.  I guide students toward a consistent Yoga practice so they find their own inner teacher through Yoga and perhaps more advanced poses. I have experience with injury recovery too. 

I qualified as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 2018 and Yin Yoga Teacher in 2019. The Vinyasa style of fast flows and active poses is empowering and is balanced by Yin Yoga's passive poses & meditative atmosphere. I also offer Guided Meditation and Mindfulness on an ongoing basis or in workshop packages.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit "yuj"

meaning "yoke" or "union"

In yoga, we bring the breath and physical movements into union with the mind and spirit. This ancient practice teaches us to combine effort and ease on the mat. Then we can bring the mindfulness of yoga off of the mat and into our everyday lives.

"The practice of yoga has helped me find not just mental and physical health, but my sense of spirituality. Yogic philosophy and the physical, or yoga asana practice, can help us come back to ourselves again and discover so many great gifts within us. I hope that by guiding you in some way, online or in-person, you can find your own gifts"


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