Beginner's  Yoga Challenge

If you're looking to start yoga, our Beginner's Yoga Challenge could be for you. 

In short, the Challenge is designed to

  • Gain confidence in your practice

  • Build strength while you master Sun Salutations and the adaptions of beginner-friendly yoga poses.

  • Have you calmly attending Vinyasa yoga classes by the end

Think this could be for you? 

The Beginner's Yoga Challenge is designed for people who want to get a solid foundation in their yoga practice.


People who are busy and want the convenience of on-demand that fit into their schedules.


The Beginner's Yoga Challenge is for those who want to build strength and believe in themselves by showing up for themselves. 

People who know that Yoga is more than a workout or stretching, and want to practice the breath and self-study in yoga that is often overlooked. 

The Beginners' Yoga Challenge Investment

There is so much value in the Beginner's Yoga Challenge but making Yoga as accessible as possible is one of the aims. The cost can be paid off in 3x monthly instalments,  spaced 30 days apart. 

Early Bird (20- 31 July 2022)


From 1 August onwards the Beginners' Yoga Challenge pricing will be

Tier One -R2000 

Those on high incomes, who are financially well resourced

Tier Two- R1800

Those on medium incomes

Tier Three- R1500

Those on low incomes, caregivers, and those from marginalised communities. 

What you get in the Beginner's Yoga Challenge

  • 17 Vinyasa Yoga Classes

  • 2 Restorative Slow Flow Classes

  • A 21 Day Journal with prompts reflecting the day's intention

All videos can be downloaded for you to keep. If you live in a region where power outages are frequent, you'll be able to download them in advance. 

Any Early Bird participants will also get a weekly Whatsapp check-in to see how they're doing and get extra support. 


How does the Beginner's Yoga Challenge work?

The Beginner's Yoga Challenge is 21 days long.

You'll receive a link to Notion (you will need to sign up for an account), that contains your calendar with your video link, Journal PDF and which props to use that day. Your Beginner's Yoga Challenge Calendar will also have the length of each practice so you can plan your day. 


The length and difficulty of the daily yoga practices will steadily increase- so will your strength and muscle memory!

There are two full rest days on the first two 'Sundays' of the challenge. If you would prefer to rest on the first two Mondays and 'start' your week on Tuesday, that is available to you. Each sequence is designed to build on the practice that came before, so other than that, I wouldn't recommend shuffling the yoga lessons around.

There are also two active rest days with Slow Flow classes, set at a calmer pace to help us stay consistent. 

What about the journaling?

Each journal page is specifically for that day's practice. Think of it as a chance to record anything meaningful that came up for you during the practice. One of yoga's most beautiful philosophies is that we are our own greatest teachers.


The written word can be a great way to document our glimpses and gems of wisdom that yoga unearths. 

The pages are short enough that they shouldn't take longer than 5-7 minutes daily. If you're really busy (I feel you, life is crazy sometimes!) aim for about 3 journaling pages a week. Doing this as soon as possible after practising yoga gets the most benefits.

Remember that yoga is a journey, one where we have the luxury of time.

We are in no rush to attain any poses.

The Beginner's Yoga Challenge is about daily repetition, curiosity and playfulness.