Meditation & Mindfulness

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A series of simple to follow breathwork techniques, mindfulness exercises and meditations. 

These are built so that each person learns at least one thing to help them feel calm, centered and focused

Package Pricing

Under 10 people

Option 1 = R2500.00

Option 2 = R5000.00

10- 30 people

Option 1 = R4000.00

Option 2 = R8000.00


Corporations over 50 people

Please contact for tailored pricing


Option 1

4 sessions= 1 session over 4 weeks

Option 2

8 sessions= 1 session over 8 weeks OR                                   2 weekly sessions over 4                                        weeks

ongoing meditation

Incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your wellbeing programme. 

Consistent mindfullness and meditation increases performance and communication. 

Contact for more details

WhaT Clients Say

Andrea, Developer

“Sheena Is an exceptional meditation leader and genuinely talented. Her voice is so calm and relaxing. She really helps me to clear my mind and ground myself to the here and now. I am always super relaxed after a session and can't wait for the next one. I would highly recommend her, she is absolutely amazing in her profession.”