Yogic philosophy and the physical, or yoga asana practice, can help us come back to ourselves again and discover so many great gifts within us. I hope that by guiding you in some way, online or in-person, you can find your own gifts through yoga and mindfulness.


Online Classes

Online group classes can be taken in the comfort of your own home, through our shared space in the clouds. These classes are open to all levels and variations of each asana (or yoga pose) is given. The beauty of learning online is that you can always pause when it suits you and there is no anxiety about entering a studio space. Your yoga teacher is just a click away, scroll down to see how.

Private Classes

Private yoga sessions can take place in your home or online. Private sessions are ideal for people who are busy with schedules that don't allow for travel time or need more flexibility with their schedules.


Personalised flows are developed for each student, you get individual attention and we can change the practice to fit your changing needs. If you're recovering from injuries, if you’d like to work towards a goal or if you just don’t enjoy group classes, private yoga might be for you.


Corporate Classes

Yoga classes can be taught online or in-person for you and your work team. Taking care of mental health with gentle physical movement can be a way to give back to your staff. Classes are inclusive, open to all levels of experience and customized to suit everyone present.


For some, it may be their first experience with yoga teachings and sharing the practice with work peers can be amazing. Start or end the working day by taking care of your team, letting them feel rejuvenated and relaxed.


Meditation as a pre-meeting de-stress, break between meetings or a lunch hour refresh can work wonders for stressed-out staff. The sessions can be any between 15 and 30 minutes to suit packed calendars. We start with desk-friendly stretches then move on to breath retention and before the meditation itself. 

Corporate meditation can be once-off, 4-8 week courses or an ongoing service depending on your team's needs.