Yoga Basics

If you want to take the intimidation out of your first steps in your yoga journey, the Yoga Basics Course could be the right start. 

The Yoga Basics Course methodically explains;

  • Sun Salutation A & B

  • Asana or poses and the adaptions for you

  • Pranayama and its timing

By the end, you'll feel comfortable in a Beginner's Vinyasa Yoga Class.

Think this could be for you? 


The Yoga Basics Course is for people who want to start their yoga journey but aren't sure how. 


The course is for any A-type personalities or overthinkers who like to go deep when they begin something new.


The Yoga Basics course is for people who have dabbled in yoga before, but never felt like they got the poses 'right'. 

The course is for anyone who's felt 'out of place' or awkward in a studio- or just prefers their movement to happen at home.


The Yoga Basics Course is for people who've felt confused by breath prompts and wished they ask the yoga teacher to go back and explain that Pranayama one more time...

Yoga Basics Course Investment

The Yoga Basics Course offers a lot, but making Yoga as accessible as possible is one of the aims. The cost can be paid off in 3x monthly instalments,  spaced 30 days apart. 

Early Bird (20- 31 July 2022)


From 1 August onwards the Beginners' Yoga Challenge pricing will be

Tier One -R950 

Those on high incomes, who are financially well resourced

Tier Two- R850

Those on medium incomes

Tier Three- R750

Those on low incomes, caregivers, and those from marginalised communities.


Consider a Bundle

 Get The Yoga Basics Course + The Beginner's Yoga Challenge and take 15% off!

What you get in the Yoga Basics Course

This course is split over 6

 videos and covers

  • What Vinyasa Yoga is

  • Surya Namaskar (or Sun Salutation) A & B

  • 3 different pranayamas (or breath retentions)

  • Standing and balancing poses, backbends, twists, forwards folds, basics arm balances and some inversions

  • Bandas (or energetic 'locks')

  • Ego and Yoga Practice

  • The importance of Svasana

Any Early-Bird participants will also get 4x WhatsApp check-ins for additional support.


How does the Yoga Basics Course works

You'll receive a link to Notion (you will need to sign up for an account), that will contain your 7 video links and explain which props you may need. 

The videos have both philosophy and physical practice. Each lesson will start with a short recap of what was covered the day before- because studies show that repetition helps us learn! We start small and build in steady steps, to set a strong foundation in Vinyasa Yoga Basics. 


All videos can be downloaded for you to keep. If you live in a region where power outages are frequent, you'll be able to download them in advance. 

Remember that yoga is a journey, one we have the rest of our lives to walk along. 

The Yoga Basics Course is an opportunity to find which variation of poses and transitions feel best for you.

An opportunity to push through challenges and find ease in your yoga practice.